The Mirage of America in Contemporary Italian Literature and by Barbara Alfano

By Barbara Alfano

The Mirage of the US in modern Italian Literature and Film explores using photos linked to the U.S. in Italian novels and movies published among the Eighties and the 2000s. during this learn, Barbara Alfano appears on the ways that the contributors portrayed in those works – and the intellectuals who created them – confront the cultural build of the yank fantasy. As Alfano demonstrates, this fantasy is an essential component of Italians’ discourse to outline themselves culturally – in essence, Italian intellectuals discuss the United States usually for the aim of speaking approximately Italy.

The publication attracts awareness to the significance of Italian literature and picture as explorations of an individual’s ethics, and to how those productions let for functioning throughout cultures. It hence differentiates itself from different reviews at the topic that goal at setting up the relevance and impact of yank tradition on Italian twentieth-century inventive representations.

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6 Fininvest, the investment company belonging then to Silvio Berlusconi, was investigated as well. When Berlusconi won the election for the first time in 1994, his Fininvest was still under investigation. Nanni Moretti recalls that Election Day in the opening scene of Aprile, but his political and moral fight against Silvio Berlusconi and the overwhelming power of television began earlier. Among other things, Caro diario is an open attack on the banality and, at the same time, on the hypnotic power of modern television.

As they themselves declare, their stupor can be defined as “a state of mental stupefaction; apathy or torpor of mind” (Oxford English Dictionary Online). This stupor is equated to stupidity by the accumulation of examples and details in their discourse: not even the box of the old and reassuring pain reliever is the same anymore, if compared to the past. By undermining the ability of the people sitting there to develop a discourse that could eventually make sense, Moretti undermines the value of their old ideals and dreams in the first place, thus destroying Wandering Subjects 39 the validity of those dreams.

10 “In Gramsci’s thought, it is intellectuals who lay the cultural foundations on which moral and intellectual leadership are established in society” (Ward 87). We shall have many chances to see how Moretti, Lagorio, Duranti, Amelio, Baricco, and Benigni are keenly aware of their leading function as intellectuals, and strongly feel this responsibility as individuals, not belonging necessarily to any political lobby. 22 The Mirage of America in Contemporary Italian Literature and Film The Communist Party became a strong pole of attraction for intellectuals after Fascism, but “the question of the leadership between culture and politics […] remained open” (Ward 89).

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