Application of IC-MS and IC-ICP-MS in environmental research by Rajmund Michalski

By Rajmund Michalski

Introduces the reader to the sector of ion chromatography, species research and hyphenated tools IC-MS and IC-ICP-MS together with the speculation and theirs applications 

  • Covers the significance of species research and hyphenated tools  in ion chromatography 
  • Includes useful functions of IC-MS and IC-ICP-MS in environmental analysis
  • Details pattern guidance equipment for ion chromatography
  • Discusses hyphenated tools IC-MS and IC-ICP-MS utilized in making a choice on either the complete aspect contents and its elements
  • Details speciation research utilized in learning biochemical cycles of chosen chemical substances; deciding upon toxicity and ecotoxicity of components; foodstuff and prescribed drugs quality controls; and in technological procedure keep watch over and scientific analytics

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In this amperometry variety, the detector measures the electric current only during those short time impulses, which largely reduces the risk of the working electrode surface deactivation. In the pulsed amperometry, the current is measured for a stable potential value. In the integrated amperometry, it is measured during the changes in the potential that increases in the oxidation process and decreases during the reduction. In ion chromatography, the pulsed amperometric detector was used for the first time in 1983.

High noises can also appear in the system due to the contaminated analytical column or sample filter. Consequently, they should be systematically exchanged. When it comes to the registered peak size, the problems usually concern situations in which there is no signal or it is too high. Additionally, the peaks may be shortened. There are different reasons for such a situation. Some of them are fairly obvious, such as the lack of certain connections, leakages in the system, inappropriately selected eluent or detector working range.

The technique has also some limitations, such as spectral and matrix interferences. It also offers lower precision than the ICP-AOS method. Moreover, the total content of the soluble salts should be <1000 mg l−1 , and the apparatus is relatively expensive. Other mass-sensitive and generally universal detectors that can be coupled with ion chromatograph include the evaporative light-scattering detector (ELSD), which has been modified and improved for 20 years. The Corona™ charged aerosol detector (CAD) is another type of a nebulizing detector, relatively newly developed.

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