Apocrypha Discordia by Rev. DrJon Swabey, Pope Phil Wlodarczyk III

By Rev. DrJon Swabey, Pope Phil Wlodarczyk III

Apocrypha Discordia is a 2001 number of a number of works on Discordianism, compiled by way of Rev. DrJon Swabey from quite a few non-copyrighted (or Kopylefted) resources, together with fragments from either on-line and revealed resources. It comprises illuminations from the Melbourne small press zine artist Pope Phil Wlodarczyk III.

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Reprint variation 1963 of 1889 unique first version via Religio-Philosophical Publishing condominium of San Francisco, California.

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CREATE a reason why the cute initiate who joined up last week has to spend the entire meeting naked. RESEARCH new groups to denounce, new obscure historical figures to praise, and new cultural taboos to ignore. 9 Get everyone listening to whatever youre talking about and then pause as if you suddenly had a deep and fascinating insight into something. Refuse to mention what it was. 10 Never hate an enemy when you can pity them. discordia AD0 It’s not what you say in your argument; it’s how loud you say it.

People suffering from sleep deprivation are also much more entertaining than usual. Streaking was once a form, but is now too commonplace. Staging bizarre events (like dressing up as elves and running screaming down the ginza) is a beautiful thing. Bizarre graffitti is a time-honored pastime (see Markoff Chaney of Illuminatus! by Shea and Wilson), but getting caught and defacing property are equally bad. Lawbreaking creates the need for police, thus encouraging a police state, which is bad, children.

Adapted from Pages From The Book Of Life suitable for framing Five is right out. The rain, it raineth on the Just and the Unjust fella. But chiefly on the Just because the Unjust steals the Just’s umbrella. To err is human; to moo, bovine. Edict #4076-1143-OD-14A: The Kallisti Edict LET IT BE KNOWN that καλλιστι may in fact be spelt καλλιχτι, in honour of the Goddess screwing up Mal2’s careful plans regards the Principia Discordia. That is all. Rev DrJon AD036 00001 - I was tying my left shoe when the goddess appeared out of thin air with a smirk on her face and gold in her hair.

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