Antonio Gramsci: An Introduction to His Thought by A. Pozzolini, Anne F. Showstack

By A. Pozzolini, Anne F. Showstack

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2 Bordiga : Problems of proletarian tactics. 3 Graziadei: The accumulation of capital according to Rosa Luxemburg. 4 Tasca : The problems of the schools and the Gentile reform. 5 Scoccimarro : Perspectives for a workers' and peasants' government in Italy. 6 Longobardi or Pastore : The Italian industrial structure. 7 Terracini: The programme of the Communist International. 8 Togliatti: The problem of the Vatican. 9 News : Economic, financial, political, military, international, 9. In a letter of 12th September 1923, which has only recently been found again in the archives.

In the last months of 1 921 and the first months of the following year Gramsci and his party comrades were occupied with intense poli­ tical activity and ideological preparation. At the time Togliatti and Terra- GRAMSCI'S L I F E 39 cini were not very far from his ideas and his positions . Gramsci seemed to agree with them in large part, but in reality he was progressively moving away from them and was worried only about the possibility of creating a new, serious breach inside the party apparatus.

The 54 GRAMSCI' S LIFE news was not told to her son (he learned it only much later) , because it was feared that it would hurt him too deeply. Gramsci continued to write letters to his mother from time to time, not knowing of her death . His sister-in-law moved near to him and obtained permission for him to be examined by a personal physician. It was already late. O n 7th March, Gramsci was struck by a second terrible attack. 'I am writing you only a few words,' we read in a letter to his sister-in-law the following week.

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