Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing by Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed

By Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed

This booklet will inform you how-for you do be capable to heal. immediately you could no remember that you've the it, yet you do.this present of god is a part of the birthright of each guy and ladies.

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Reprint variation 1963 of 1889 unique first variation via Religio-Philosophical Publishing residence of San Francisco, California.

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Apparently her efforts were more successful than she believed possible. From this it is obvious that it is always best to look for and expect the maximum results. HOW TO PINPOINT AND CORRECT AN ALLERGY 43 As a fitting conclusion to this chapter, an allergy correction performed by Ben Bibb himself is described. The subject was Patricia M. Bates of West Palm Beach, Florida. As she explains in her letter, she had been suffering for about two months with severe respiratory allergies when, about a week before Christmas, she decided to ask Ben Bibb for help.

Here is her report. RELIEVING AND CURING PNEUMONIA Early in Thanksgiving week I caught a bad cold. At first it seemed to be only an ordinary inconvenience and being busy, I paid little attention to it. But on Thanksgiving Eve while I was attempting to complete my pie making, I began to feel terribly ill. My chest felt on fire, my throat was raw and I had a constant very bad cough which tore through my chest like a poorly honed blade. Even shallow breathing was difficult. There were many other uncomfortable symptoms, but it was the l04degree temperature and the severe chest pain that posed the real threat, pneumonia.

HOW TO TREAT AND CURE INFECTIVE ASTHMA There is another type of asthma which is not due to allergies. ). The frequency and severity of these asthma attacks may be greatly influenced by rapid temperature changes, fatigue, endocrine changes or emotional stress, but these provocations need not be considered by you, the healer, since once you have relieved the distress and eliminated the cause, they will have no further influence on the patient. As in cases of allergic asthma, your first task is to drain off the mucus and relieve the congestion.

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