Advances in Parasitology, Vol. 29 by J.R. Baker (ed.), R. Muller (ed.)

By J.R. Baker (ed.), R. Muller (ed.)

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3. Kiboko One of two enzyme combinations (Table A6) recognized all but 2223 in set I I , as well as the sole zymodeme in the minor set C. The profiles were notable in possessing rare variants of either NH or TDH, or both. Set C was adjacent to set 1 1 in the dendrogram. Although most zymodemes had a maximal dissimilarity of 5%, two (2223 and 295) were distinct at about the 17% level. In cluster 9, set I 1 was joined with the small set 12 from the adjoining dendrogram section, and was dispersed along several branches; the unrecognized 2223 was on a separate branch.

J. van. (1947). Observations on trypanosomiasis in the Belgian Congo. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 40, 728-754. , LePage, R. W. , Wells, J. , Pays, E. and Steinert, M. (1986). Hybrid formation between African trypanosomes during cyclical transmission. Nature 322, 173-1 75. Kilgour, V. and Godfrey, D. G. (1976). Species-characteristic isoenzymes of two aminotransferases in trypanosomes. Nature 244, 69-70. Lanham, S. M. and Godfrey, D. G. (1970). Isolation of salivarian trypanosomes from man and other mammals using DEAE-cellulose.

Some populations in the other two zymodemes in the set also came from camels and, therefore, probably the whole set, with its THE SUBGENUS 77Z YPANOZOON 31 distinguishing enzyme combinations (Table A6), was equivalent to the species. 263, with the kDNA characteristics of T. , 1987), but unique enzymic features, was included in the definition, but was apparently misplaced in set 20 (see Section IV D). Its profile may represent a second strain group in the species; in particular, the PGM, ASAT and ME differed from other profiles in set 18.

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