Advanced Excel for Scientific Data Analysis by Robert de Levie

By Robert de Levie

Excel is via a ways the main broadly allotted facts research software program yet few clients are conscious of its complete powers. complex Excel For clinical information research takes to the air from the place so much books facing clinical functions of excel finish. It makes a speciality of 3 areas-least squares, Fourier transformation, and electronic simulation-and illustrates those with broad examples, frequently taken from the literature.

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By visualizing how sensitive a proposed 37 Ch. 1: Survey of Excel analysis method will be to the effects of offset (systematic, detenninistic bias) and (random, stochastic) noise. 3. 0. 10 0. 02 - . •. . 00 o .. -0. 10 5 10 15 20 25 V b 30 Fig. 05) on the concentration parameters [H+)', [OHl', andL'1'. 13 Handling the math One way in which Excel facilitates computations is through its extensive collection of functions, ranging from search tools to sophisticated mathematical and statistical tools.

1: Survey ofExcel useful to calibrate new software with a test for which the (exact) answer is known, because it provides an early indication of its reliability and, as a bonus, may alert you to possible problems. 0 1. 0 7 1. 131 1. 176 I cell: instruction: 820= IOA-A20 C20= $B$14*($B$15-B20+$B$131B20) 1($8$ I 6+820-$8$ l31B20) F20= Lagrange($C$20:$C$139, $A$20:$A$139,E20,3) copied to: 821:8139 C2l :C139 F2l :F49 Fig. 1: The top of the spreadsheet for interpolating in a table of Vb vs. pH (in columns C and A respectively) in order to generate a second table of pH as a function of Vb (in columns E and F).

Hart The menu bars and toolbars in Excel 2000 initially display only those items that you have used most recently; the others are out of view, even though they are still available by clicking on the chevron at the bottom of the menu, or by waiting a few seconds. If you don't like this feature, go to View ~ Ioolbars ~ ~ustomize, select the Qptions tab, and undo the checkmark for Menus show recently used commands first. 8 Importing data Data copied directly from the Web may fit directly into Excel, or may all squeeze into a single column (in which case they may seem to fit the spreadsheet columns, until you check what the formula bar shows for cells in the next column).

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