A reader's guide to contemporary literary theory by Raman Selden

By Raman Selden

The 5th version of this reader's advisor is still actual to the beliefs of earlier variants, delivering a concise consultant to modern literary theories. The publication covers an enormous diversity of differing types of English literature.

content material: New feedback, ethical formalism, and F.R. Leavis --
Origins : Eliot, Richards, Empson --
the yank new critics --
ethical formalism : F.R. Leavis --
Russian formalism and the Bahktin college --
Shklovsky, Mukařovský, Jakobson --
The Bakhtin institution --
Reader-oriented theories --
Phenomenology : Husserl, Heidegger, Gadamer --
Hans Robert Jauss and Wolfgang Iser --
Fish, Riffaterre, Bleich --
Structuralist theories --
The linguistic history --
Structuralist narratology --
Metaphor and metonymy --
Structuralist poetics --
Marxist theories --
Soviet socialist realism --
Lukács and Brecht --
The Frankfurt university and after : Adorno and Benjamin --
"Structuralist" Marxism : Goldmann, Althusser, Macherey --
"New Left" Marxism : Williams, Eagleton, Jameson --
Feminist theories --
First-wave feminist feedback : Woolf and de Beauvoir --
Second-wave feminist feedback --
Kate Millett : sexual politics --
Marxist feminism --
Elaine Showalter : gynocriticism --
French feminism : Kristeva, Cixous, Irigaray --
Poststructuralist theories --
Roland Barthes --
Psychoanalytic theories --
Jacques Lacan --
Julia Kristeva --
Deleuze and Guattari --
Deconstruction : Jacques Derrida --
American deconstruction --
Michel Foucault --
New historicism and cultural materialism --
Postmodernist theories --
Jean Baudrillard --
Jean-François Lyotard --
Postmodernism and Marxism --
Postmodern feminisms --
Postcolonialist theories --
Edward stated --
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak --
Homi okay. Bhabha --
Race and ethnicity --
homosexual, lesbian, and queer theories --
homosexual concept and feedback --
Lesbian feminist conception and feedback --
Queer concept and feedback --

offers an advent to the sector of recent literary conception. scholars are brought to New feedback, Reader-Response conception, Marxist feedback, Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Post-Modernism Read more...

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Peter Steiner (1984) has argued convincingly against a monolithic view of Russian Formalism, himself discriminating between formalisms in highlighting three metaphors which act as generative models for three phases in its history. The model of the ‘machine’ governs the first phase, which sees literary criticism as a sort of mechanics and the text as a heap of devices. The second is an ‘organic’ phase which sees literary texts as fully functioning ‘organisms’ of interrelated parts. The third phase adopts the metaphor of ‘system’ and tries to understand literary texts as the products of the entire literary system and even of the meta-system of interacting literary and non-literary systems.

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