A Kiss Before Dawn by Kimberly Logan

By Kimberly Logan

It takes a thief to seize a thief...and one kiss to scouse borrow a center. For one short second, girl Emily Knight knew what heaven was once whilst she shared a soul-searing kiss with Peter. yet a penniless early life schooled within the London streets can't love a stunning heiress—so he vanished, leaving Emily heartbroken . . . Now a powerful Bow road Runner, Peter returns to seek down an elusive thief who is been preying at the Oxfordshire wealthy—even even though his project needs to unavoidably reunite him with the sensuous attractiveness who haunts his goals and whose style nonetheless lingers on his lips. yet as tantalizing embraces enflame their ardour once again, will Emily's wisdom of the thief's actual identification remodel wish into mistrust and impassioned fans into harmful adversaries?

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Strolling forward, he clapped the younger man on the back. “Ah, Peter. ” He glanced back over his shoulder at Emily. ” Emily’s stomach lurched. Surely she must have misheard? “Here? At Knighthaven? ” A KISS BEFORE DAWN 29 “That’s right. ” Oh, dear God! Emily felt all of the blood in her body drain into her toes and her pulse start to pound in her ears as her world narrowed down to Peter’s piercing eyes, staring at her with a disturbing intensity. She should have known, should have suspected, but she’d been so caught off guard by his unexpected arrival that the possibility hadn’t even occurred to her.

She froze, unable to speak past the lump in her throat. Finally, she forced herself to incline her head in a stiff nod, praying none of her guilt showed on her face. “Of course. ” Tristan reached out and clapped Peter on the back in a hearty gesture before tucking his sister’s arm through his. “There. Now, why don’t we go inside and let Deirdre know you’re here? ” Feeling as if she were headed for her own execution, Emily climbed the steps next to her brother, aware the whole time of Peter’s powerful presence close behind her.

A former prostitute who had followed the family to Oxfordshire when they’d left London eight years ago, she still possessed a brassy charm that might have been off-putting to some, but made her a particular favorite of Emily’s. She never hesitated to speak her mind. As she was doing now. “It’s about time you decided to get ’ere,” she continued, crossing her arms over her 34 KIMBERLY LOGAN ample bosom and leveling Tristan with a stern glare. ” “I can assure you that I was far from enjoying myself, Lilah,” Tristan pointed out, his tone dry.

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