A Charmed Life by Patricia Telesco

By Patricia Telesco

More and more, the magickal neighborhood is made from city-dwelling Witches, Pagans, and Neo-Pagans. How do those humans mix a average philosophy with the concrete jungle? A Charmed lifestyles is a transformational publication that comes with spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and all demeanour of valuable tricks for developing and keeping a fit, satisfied, and non secular setting.

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Reprint version 1963 of 1889 unique first variation by way of Religio-Philosophical Publishing apartment of San Francisco, California.

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You can use your finished list for many witchy activities. If you needed to overcome a creative blockage, you might whisper Talking the Talk 51 the word “flow” to yourself repeatedly before going to sleep. Or you could use key words as part of incantations and invocations aimed at those goals. Design affirmations and chants with the words, or charge objects (such as amulets) with specific phrases. What’s nice here is that in creating highly personal spells and rituals, you’ve effectively applied terms with which you have a strong emotional connection.

If not, start consciously making changes in the way you present ideas. Instead of stressing a negative, turn the idea around and find the positive—especially when speaking about yourself. ♦ Am I putting myself down frequently? If so, refer to the first point here. Go back to Chapter One and add a few of those exercises into your weekly routine to bolster self-confidence. ♦ Do I share my opinions in a beneficial manner? Especially in magick, there’s no need to prove rightness or wrongness, even if it’s tempting.

Allow the energy in this chant to naturally rise to a pinnacle and then fall into silence. Each person blows out his or her individual candle and puts it back on the table. At this point proceed with a time of fellowship to discuss how the ritual felt, whether something seemed to come alive during the process, and what people might have learned about each other’s goals. Coming out of the Broom Closet One circumstance when our communication skills as Witches are tested is when we’re discussing the Craft with people outside magickal traditions.

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