A basis for the space of functions analytic in a disk by Nagnibida N. I.

By Nagnibida N. I.

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Consequently, conductance under reverse bias is typicalIy 10-6 to 10-8 that of conductance under forward bias. Current-Voltage Carves for Semiconductor Diodes. Figure 3-2 shows the behavior of a typical semiconductor diode under forward and reverse bias. With forward bias, the current increases nearly exponentially with voltage; often currents of several amperes are we shall see, this phenomenon has practical application in electronics. Transistors -I FIGURE 3-2 Current voltage characteristics of a silicon semiconductor diode.

If conductance rather than resistance is of interest, the transducer conveniently replaces R; in the circuit. 004% ment of conductance or resistance. In (a), the conductance of a cell for a conductometric titration is of interest. Here, an alternatingcurrent input signal VI of perhaps:5 to 10 V is provided from the secondary of a filament transformer. The output signal is then rectified and measured as a potential. The variable resistance R, provides a means for varying the range of conductances that can be recorded or read.

Ies. Recall, however, that the p region of a pnp transistor is much more heavily doped than the n region. As a consequence, the concentration of holes in the p region is a hundredfold or more greater than the concentration of mobile electrons in the n layer. Thus, the holes in this pn junction have a current-carrying capacity that is perhaps one hundred times greater than that for the electrons. Turning again to Figure 3-4, it is apparent that holes are formed at the p-type emitter junction through abstraction of electrons by the two dc sources, namely, the input battery and the power supply.

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